"As a first time mother who's not from Minnesota I was overwhelmed.  But Clara and Sonja set my mind at ease. They gave me comfort by coming to my appointments, helped me find things I didn't even know that existed for baby and me, and they gave me information that gave me strength. It’s hard enough when you feel that the medical community can be cold and unapproachable. But their presence has definitely been a blessing and a balm to my soul!


I've had a high-risk pregnancy and I don't know how I would have managed without Ahavah's support. They stood by and gave me great prenatal care. I feel like I got two new friends and I know that my baby will come out blessed."


Monique A.



"I realize how fortunate it is to have a doula when I was pregnant. Sonja Watley was my doula and it was the best experience I had while pregnant with my first child, she helped me make a birthing plan, she also went on most of my doctor appointments with me helping me understand things that the midwife talked about. The most important part of my experience with having a doula from Ahavah Birth Works was that I could relate to her as a black woman. I tried other doula services but was not comfortable with the lack of diversity and realness I was looking for. I am very grateful to have had a doula like Sonja because without her I would have went through my whole pregnancy and birth by myself. I truly appreciate Ahavah Birth Works for all the knowledge I have gotten from my doula and I tell every woman I know that they should look into having a doula."


Krystal M.



"My name is Lavonne. I became a mother at a young age. Now 18 years later my husband and I are trying for another child. Ahavah doulas have given me resources to health care providers and guiding us in the process of finding wellness coaches. I was looking for providers that were culturally specific and they were more than accommodating to my family. When my husband and I have our baby we will certainly utilize Doulas from Ahavah."